Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 3 - Pictures and Letters Please

Dearest Family
I write you this letter after two hours of translation.  (Dad sent his last letter entirely in Spanish)  Also, thanks for sending that General Conference Survival Kit.  I really could use a lot of the things that were inside.
To answer some of your questions; my Spanish is coming along great.  I think if I tried, I could speak 80% in Spanish.  Although, I would take forever trying to speak most of the words.  Also, Ian and I have been exchanging emails.  We only get off a small paragraph each week.  So send me some of his letters; that would be great.
If I understand right, Dad’s job at UDOT is coming up.  That’s great to hear!  It’s good to hear that you got to talk to Spencer.  How is he doing?  Is he still going strong with church?
In other words, things here are great.  Only three more weeks and I’m in the field.  Studying is a lot easier.  The days don’t seem so long anymore.  Waking up still sucks, but, I’m able to recover faster.
In things that I would like sent.  If you can, tell my friends to write.  Send pictures so I can have them; that would be awesome.  Also, I would like updated pictures of Jace, Elsie, and Jagger, if you can get them.  Lastly, if you could send a couple of photos of Benny and Nessie (mostly Benny) I would be so grateful!
Anyway, Hasta la luego, con amor,
Elder Zach Stohel

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