Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 7 - Why are you hitting your little brother?

Hello Family!

It is I, the one in Mexico!  I did not write this week because of the fact that my P-day went from Thursday to Monday! Anywhozzile, I’m not going to send letters back home (snail mail) since I would have to buy Mexican stamps and I don’t want to. :)

So, it’s pretty hot down here; like really hot. On the day we left for Mexico, it was snowing in Utah.  We got down here and it was about 90-95 degrees with humidity.  Alas, the hotter months are yet to come. I’ve been told to expect around 110-120 degrees in the hottest months with humidity... yea.  I hope I get the language down by August or else I might be in trouble! 

Anyway, the work is good down here.  There are so many people to teach. As of right now we have four progressing investigators (people who have been taught twice and are keeping commitments) and five other investigators.  We have a baptism scheduled for this week that we are working hard to get her ready for. We have two baptisms scheduled for next week and two to three other people with dates for the 18th of May. My area is pretty big.  It takes about two hours to walk across the entire area from left to right and about the same up and down and we walk everywhere! 

My companion is Elder Moss (I know, not native!) and he is from Lehi Utah.  He is awesome. He is definitely the best companion I could have right now.  He is able and willing to explain and teach where I can’t because I still don’t understand everything.  On news with the language, it is better! Improvement is happening.  I can tell separate words now when people speak, but I still don’t know what it means in English.  Oh yea, so far in my mission I’ve given two blessings in Spanish. I only did the anointing of the oil but I did participate in the ordinance which was cool. I don’t think I’ve begged more in my life as when these blessings are taking place.  Anyway, that is pretty much my week. Cool news - Elder Holland is coming to my mission at the end of May!  BE JEALOUS!

Anyway, love ya, church is true, and yea...

Elder Stohel   

Oh, before I forget; did you know that the first question in the BoM is why do ye smite your younger brother with a rod?  Yea, awesome right!   

Anyway, Adios

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