Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 2 - Testimonies and War

Well things here are pretty much the same - studying and all that.  I can give a decent prayer in Spanish as well as a pretty good testimony and I have been teaching investigators in Spanish since day 3.  This week has been such a spiritual one.  So many priesthood blessings were given - it's like you can feel the power of all of these Elders, its amazing.  I mentioned Mom in a district meeting on Sunday.  We were talking about 'Enduring to the End' and I told the story of Mom's amazing weight loss.  I don't know if you know this,  here in El CCM (Spanish for MTC)  there is a holy war going on between the Spanish elders and the English ones.  I think it is because the English can only have parties but the Spanish can have FIESTAS!!!  We are also starting a war with the Russians because they stole one of our zone leader's chairs. 
In closing I want to share my testimony (Spanish of course :)
Yo se que Jose Smith es a la profeta de Dios. yo se que el libro de mormon es el palabra de Dios. yo se que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador.  yo se que mi mision es muy importante por las personas de Mexico.  yo se que Dios ama todos las personas y serve todos las personas con todo su corazon. 
Well, that's all the Spanish my mind has for today.  Ignore the fact that there is no accents on any of those words.  You'll have to imagine them.
With love
Elder Zach Stohel

P.S. i got the card and the rolls they were amazing!!!  Did you get the letters and deliver them to the appropriate people yet?  Did you find my ring?  If you see my friends tell them to write me already!! haha have a good week.  I'll write you guys again soon.
Again with love,
Elder Zach Stohel

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