Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 1 - Will Studying Kill Me?

Well the first week has come and gone.  I can't figure out which is going to kill me first all this studying or the withdrawals from video games.  It was quite a surprise when I figured out that on my third day here I had to teach an "investigator" in Spanish.  You think that teaching in English is hard, try teaching while learning another language.  Anyway I’ll tell you about my district and zone.   My companion is Elder Adams who is basically just as big as me.  My district companions are Elders: Henderson, Groll, Coulteryawn, Ostler, Beesley, Robertson, and Ault and Hermanas: Miller, Bishop and Larson. My zone leaders are Elders: Heal and England.  We are all really tight! I just got back from the temple which makes three temples I’ve done an Endowment session in.  Well that was basically my week there really isn't much to say since every day includes about eleven hours of studying. 
With love
Zach Stohel

Oh P.S. I'll be sending a letter to the Epeneters and to Kyle and they will be sent to the house and then delivered that way.  For Kyle just message him on FB and tell him to come pick them up.

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