Friday, June 21, 2013

Week 15 - Can't wait for Conicula

Hello Parents.

¡Padre Feliz Día de Padres y Feliz Cumpleaños! I would like to say that it is really hot and going to get hotter. Down in this area of Mexico we have a thing called the conicula which is the hottest two months of the year (July and August). It will be about 40 degrees celious which means that it is about 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Anyway, its been another week of no water - so that's fun and all. Good news is, I'm still alive and al!  Awesome story - last P-Day we had my first shooting experience here in Matamoros!  I guess that some bad guys got caught or something.  There were shots and we all ran back to the house and hid. It's good, I'm still alive and whatnot.  It was a neat experience though!!  

Good news - we should have a baptism soon; the bad news, it won't be on the 22nd like we planned.  We are pushing it back one week since we don't have much time for teaching this week. Zone Conference and what not which means a nice 1 and one half hour bus ride! 

I also bought an American football, the old pigskin, and I'm teaching the Mexican Elders how to play, so it will be fun!  (Zach only out-weights them by about 100 pounds)  I'll  also send pictures of interchanges that I went on this week in a different area because it is so different being in the middle of the city rather then the outskirts!!!  That was my week.  Keep safe and stay awesome.

Love Elder Stohel
or in Spanish talk Estoél.

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