Friday, June 21, 2013

Week 13 - Rico Sauce!


This week has been pretty interesting!  For one thing we have no water starting last Tuesday!  By this, I mean the water that comes out of the faucets.  So, cleaning dishes, flushing toilets, showering, and sometimes, washing clothes are with BUCKETS!!  It is a lot of fun... ah well, its a neat experience at least I'm sure Skylar is dealing with worse :)  Anyway, that is my cool experience this week.  Oh, another thing is, I am now a huge fan of habanero sauce!  I start my morning everyday with an egg sandwich with this Rico ( couldn't remember the English word :/) sauce.  I love it so much!  'Ah tasty' is a word that works in this situacion!    Anyway, that is pretty much the interesting stuff.

With our investigators, major progress is happening.  We have 5 baptisms planned for the 22 of this month and we are pretty sure at least 3 will be baptized then.  We will try to get all five, but, getting people married and to church is hard!  

Well, that is pretty much my week here in Mexico!!  Write me so you can bask in my awesomeness!  Have Fun!

With Love 
Elder Stohel

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